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    The Wild Hawk™ Elbow Brace

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    The Wild Hawk™ Elbow Brace

    You deserve to feel supported

    We understand that your job is physically taxing. Our Feel Supported collection is designed to give you the support you deserve.

    I work construction and lifted an object that I should've had 2 people for, constant sharp pains and a difficulty using the afflicted arm for simple tasks led me to try out the sleeve. Works nice, fits good, not a cure all considering I still use my sore elbow more than I should but it does help.

    I was suffering from tendonitis pain so bad I could barely use my right arm and hand. I was skeptical that a brace would really help much, but I read so many recommendations that I figured, what the heck? I'm so glad I tried it!

    I felt some relief as soon as I put it on. I don't know how it works, but something about the pressure of the brace starts to help immediately. It is fairly comfortable, easy to wear all day, even in a very physically active job (I work in awarehouse, frequently lifting 50+ lbs items). The longer I used it, the better my elbow felt. After several weeks, I was pain free, and didn't need to wear it all.

    I have worn this sleeve through several 10-12 hr moderately high impact shifts at work (warehouse work) and it has held up well. No major slippage. Feels comfortable the entire time. Provides good support for joint bending and rotational (l/r) movements. Keeps the area warm the entire time which, in my opinion, helps reduce stress on the affected area by keeping the finer muscles warm throughout the entire activity. I would recommend this product as it seems to do exactly what it advertises


    We've compiled a FAQ to best answer the questions we often get

    10-20 working days. We ship directly from our manufacturer which is based in China

    Simply visit "Track My Order" and place the email you ordered with as well as your order number (you can see this in your email (usually between 4-5 digits). Please give 48 hours for our team to update it in the background with the relevant tracking numbers. If you don't see a tracking number, please email us at and we will respond to you shortly!

    We made the switch from regular cardboard packaging to packaging made out of plastic. It is covered in clear bubble, preventing damage during shipping

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