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    The Wild Hawk™ Ankle Support Brace (Pair)

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    The Wild Hawk™ Ankle Support Brace (Pair)

    You deserve to feel supported

    We understand that your job is physically taxing. Our Feel Supported collection is designed to give you the support you deserve.

    I love this. I hurt my ankle and needed some support and it gave me some security there but also made my arch support feel stronger too. Like a hug for your feet.

    I have sprained, rolled, and broken both ankles multiple times and I have become well versed in the braces available out there. This one ranks high in my esteem. Supportive, control over the compression, fits into shoes and flip flops. Also as a plus size and tall person it fits well and doesn’t cut off circulation. Highly recommend for widefeetand fat/ heavy ankles.

    I am on my feet all day and I needed ankle support; I had twisted my ankle 3x in less than a year. This is very comfortable to wear with shoes!

    This review is coming from someone who has never bought any other type of ankle support, so I can’t compare it to other types/brands. I’m on myfeetfor 9+ hours for work each day and have been experience some aches in my Achilles. On bad days, I come home and slip this in for a couple hours and I feel 10x better. I have a size 10 wide foot and I feel that the sizing is perfect

    My ankle is very weak from a sprain. Even the littlest things can aggravate it. Evenworkand standing all day makes it hurt. So i put on a brace. I like this one as it’s adjustable . It’s easy to slide into my foot and tighten to comfort . The pressure and compression alleviate the pain and protect from worse injury. It fits inside my shoe and is good for my workouts and running too.

    I broke my ankle but before I got a cast I used these and itworkedgreat at compressing and stabilizing my ankle. It honestly felt nice being able to wrap the straps around my ankle too. They’re also not super bulky so it’s not weird walking on it. It’s also stretchy! Since my ankle was very swollen I thought it wouldn’t fit but it did and like I said, gave it great compression!


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