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    The Wild Hawk™ Neck Stretcher

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    The Wild Hawk™ Neck Stretcher

    You deserve to recover better

    We understand that your job is physically taxing. Our Recover Better collection is designed to give you the things you need to feel 100%

    I'm a crafter by trade and with my aging progression the "tech neck" issues are becoming very pronounced. I cannot afford as many visits to the chiropractor as I'd like to keep my alignment in check and my functionality was starting to be impacted! Thank goodness I found this little "pillow." It's helping me decompress and reinforce the curve needed. It relieves headaches and spasms from misalignment.

    It’s odd at first, it doesn’t seem to do anything. Sure it feels good, but I didn’t think I noticed a difference. Until I found myself NEEDING to use it. When myneckstarts really bugging me, I use this thing and it is immediate pain relief.

    I got this for my neck and shoulder pain. I always wake up with pain in my neck because of the pillows. Today I woke up with a massive headache that didn’t go away with painkillers. I used this product for 10 min and I could instantly feel the tension in my neck and shoulders relax and ease up.


    We've compiled a FAQ to best answer the questions we often get

    10-20 working days. We ship directly from our manufacturer which is based in China

    Simply visit "Track My Order" and place the email you ordered with as well as your order number (you can see this in your email (usually between 4-5 digits). Please give 48 hours for our team to update it in the background with the relevant tracking numbers. If you don't see a tracking number, please email us at and we will respond to you shortly!

    We made the switch from regular cardboard packaging to packaging made out of plastic. It is covered in clear bubble, preventing damage during shipping

    Just follow us on Instagram and DM us. We're looking for traders who are passionate about social media, creating content, and have hobbies like videography and editing!

    The Wild Hawk sells worldwide, and our checkout is in $ USD dollar