Refund Policy

Updated - September 23rd 2022

Refund Policy

The Wild Hawk wants to make shopping for steel-toe shoes as risk-free as possible while still operating as a business. Initially, in 2021, we had an open policy when it came to returns, replacements, and refunds, moving forward we aim to provide a tighter, but fairer policy for all parties. A majority of our customer base runs their own trades business, and so we hope you understand why we've pursued this route. 

As a result, we have a replacement/refund policy that rests on two conditions 

Condition One - An error from our side

If you've received our Steel Shoes and there is something wrong with your order from our side, (we are actual human beings, not hawks packaging your order, unfortunately), then we'll provide either an immediate replacement for your order or a refund. The examples are: 

  • We've sent out the wrong shoe size 
  • We've sent out the wrong colour

This is a mistake we've made, and we'll do everything we can to fix it. If you wish to receive a refund, we will provide you with a refund within 30 days of receiving your order, regardless if you have, or haven't worn the shoes. 

If you've opted for a replacement order, or the current order is a replacement order, then that order won't be eligible for a replacement or a refund. We do this because we believe once the safety shoes have arrived, irrespective of size and colour, they should be able to be gauged if you'd like to keep the shoes or not.

The only time when a replacement order is eligible for a replacement or a refund is if the replacement order has errors from our side.  

TLDR - our mistake? You can get a replacement or a refund. If you choose a replacement, moving forward you won't be eligible for a refund, unless the replacement order itself has mistakes from our end. 

Condition Two - An error from your side

If you've ordered our Steel Shoes and realised that there was an error from your side, (you're human! Not an actual wild hawk ordering our shoe collection, right?), then we will try to amend your order before it has been processed (please contact, free of charge. The examples are 

  • You've realised you've ordered the wrong shoe size
  • You've realised you've ordered the wrong colour 

However, if the order has already been processed, that means your order is out of our hands and can't be called back. As a result, replacement orders will be subject to a % of price listed which we will quote to you for a replacement order. Rest assured the % is at cost of us supplying the goods, stocking our inventory, paying our staff, shipping expenses etc. We do this to stay afloat as a business. 

This condition is applicable if you have received your order too. 

TLDR - We do not provide refunds or free replacements if there has been an error in your order from your side. We will quote you a price for your replacement order. We will issue a replacement order once the payment has been completed.

What about returns? 

For logistical effectiveness, we don't accept returns at The Wild Hawk. To reiterate, if a mistake has happened from our side and you wish us to refund you, we will happily do so. Refunds aren't eligible if there hasn't been an issue from our side. The only scenario in which case a refund is eligible is if you've received a defective product. 

What makes it a defective product? 

If your Steel Shoes have arrived and the Steel-Cap is non-functional, it is a defective product. If you're unable to wear the Steel Shoes, it is a defective product. Treadwear and abrasions do not classify it as a defective product, because the functional aspect of the Steel Shoes is fine. 

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