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Welcome to The Wild Hawk!

My name is Riz and I founded The Wild Hawk in 2021.

What started as a side project quickly blew up to become one of the fastest growing steel-toe shoe brands around the world. 

Now we have over 25,000+ customers worldwide in Australia, New Zealand, USA, and Canada, and we're still growing!

Our approach is very simple - we believe safe and comfortable steel toe shoes can make a world of difference for millions of hard workers around the world. 

Whether you're a carpenter, a contractor, a warehouse manager etc - it doesn't matter.

ANYONE on their feet all day working around heavy objects would benefit from our shoes.


Because they are designed to feel like sneakers and trainers, while having that all important steel toe to protect your feet.

  • We've helped people get more done at work (by feeling lighter and more agile),
  • We've reduced pre-existing back, knee, and foot pain
  • We've helped our community avoid time off work because of injuries

We hope to make a difference to your work day!


The Wild Hawk

Steel-Toe Shoes

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