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The Wild Hawk is soon closing shop

Please Do Not Order

We thank you for being with us for the last 2 years

    The weight and stiffness of heavy boots can cause strain on your back, knees, and feet. With The Wild Hawk, all our Steel Sneakers are half the weight of standard heavy work boots, meaning less impact on your body.

    All our Steel Sneakers are ISO EN 20345 Compliant. It comes with a steel toe that can handle 15kN of force. What does that mean for you? It means you can work around heavy objects with peace of mind.

    Because our Steel Sneakers are so light and flexible, you can move around much more quickly, turn around quicker, and get in and out of tight spaces. It's great if you're on your feet all day.

    The breathable design of our Steel Sneakers means you're able to keep your feet cool through a long day of work. If you're on your feet all day doing intensive work, your feet would definitely get hot. With The Wild Hawk, you reduce that from happening.

    The lightness, breathability, and flexibility means there's less demand on your feet and body. You can work more efficiently, and get more done, without exerting as much energy